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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Making plans

On Thursday night when Cassie and the children were here, Clara asked to stay overnight. We decided instead that we would get her Friday morning, spend the day with her, she would stay overnight and Cassie would pick her up Saturday morning. As agreed, Len and I drove the one hour to her house Friday morning. Well, (almost) 4 year olds tend to change their mind. We were disappointed that she would not come with us. We could not blame her as she is really just getting to know us. We still enjoyed the time we did have with her.

Cassie and Clara

Our friends Diana and Don had talked about us getting together to go out to dinner. I called Diana and we decided we would meet them at their house and then decide where to go eat. A short time later Don called Len. He has a friend who was looking for someone to drive a dump truck for a few days. GREAT! Len still has his CDL. Len left me at Diana's and he and Don went to see the friend. Len is working for the friend today and expects to work Monday and Tuesday. This will help our pocketbook.

We came to this area thinking that Len would work for 4 or 5 weeks doing what he did way back when we met. He was supposed to have a job in Houston starting 3/9 but that fell through. Other leads have fallen through also. This down economy has hit this area hard too. The money would have been nice and then there would be the unemployment benefits once the work ended. We will be fine with what we have but gosh ---- it sure would have been nice.

Since he is not going to be working, we decided why hang here any longer? I looked at the openings for a NOMADS project. EUREKA! One in Jacksonville TX only 5 hours from here starts on the fifthteenth and there appeared to be an opening. I called Carla who is the NOMADS administrator in Kansas and asked if they needed volunteers. She checked, called back and yes they do.

Our plan: the part for the Montana came in yesterday. We will leave here Wednesday, stop at the RV dealer, have the part installed then head north. The Escapees Park in Livingston TX that we stayed at a few weeks ago is about 1/2 way between here and Jacksonville right on the route we will be traveling. We will stay in LIvingston on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday nights. Then we will head on up to Jacksonville. Aside from meeting great people and doing something worthwhile, there will be the financial benefit. NOMADS provides a campsite in exchange for each of us working 6 hours Monday to Thursday for three weeks. We look forward to our first project and visiting that area.

BTW, in deciding where to eat last night, Len wanted a steak. Diana and Don went along with the streak idea and we went to a steak house in Lake Charles. Len had his fill - a HUGE prime rib cooked perfectly medium rare. He was one happy camper!

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Margie M. said...

The new plans sound great, Phyllis. Hope everything works out.