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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Elected to Congress.

Congress,  AZ

After leaving the Gypsy Journal Rally on Friday, we elected to go to Congress.   Congress, AZ that is.  

We were hooked up and ready to leave Yuma around 8:45.   The 181 mile drive took about 4 hours.   It is seldom that one heads northward from southern AZ that you do not pass through a Border Patrol roadblock.  This drive was no different

We drove route 95 from Yuma to Quartzsite.   Rt 95 is an easy drive through the Yuma Proving Ground and Kofa National Wildlife Refuge.   This was our first time through Quartzsite and saw what we expected.  Lots of RV's parked wherever.  Many of them there for lenghts of time judging by all the solar panels.

Once at Quartzsite we picked up I10 and headed east for about 15 miles to Rt. 60 north that took us to Rt 89 and to our destination,  North Ranch, an Escapees Park.

We knew Linda and Joe are the current managers at North Ranch.  We met this lovely couple when we stayed at Raccoon Valley in TN where they were the managers.   They left TN about the time we did to be the managers at the Deming, NM park.   We surprise them there when we were headed to Tucson and stayed a few days in Deming.    Linda was surprised to see us here.  We assured her we were not stalkers!

 I saw Joe yesterday and he said he thought it was our rig he saw pulling in on Friday and went it to check it out with Linda.    After they leave here in a few months, their next assignment is at Rainbow's End in Livingston, TX.  I assured Linda we were NOT headed that way.

We settled in on Friday and plan to stay for a week to take advantage of the cheaper rates.    The only thing we did after getting settled on Friday was take a ride to the nearest decent size town - Wickenburg, about 17 miles away.   We only drove through the town, no stops for now.

Yesterday we took a ride to Prescott.   The most direct route is RT 89.   However, there is one section that is off limits to any vehicle over 40 ft.  I should say!   This around trip was a little over 100 miles.  

Upon leaving Congress RT 89 crosses some mountians.   The road is divided but quite curvy with steep dropoffs.   The larger vehiles are still allowed on this seciton but I sure would be uncomfortable pulling a rig behind us never-the-less.

At least this section had wide shoulders.   Once we got to the top, there were a few small towns.   This is not the scary road, it still lay ahead. 

I did not take any pictures of the more frightening road.   It was 15 miles long, two lanes, no shoulder and very narrow.  There was no way a semi, motorhome or fifthwheel could squeeze along.  I counted 11 crosses on this road. Most were on a curve and apparently the vehicles went over the edge.   I just know there were more than 11, but lots of time I was looking over the edge, not at the road all the while digging fingernails into the center console and door handle.  We came back another, longer route.  That is just fine with me!

Looking for help here.  I just attempted to upload another picture on this blog.   A notice came up that I was out of space and would need to purchase more space for pictures from Gmail/Picasa.  Is this legit?


Donna K said...

I'll let someone else handle your technical question...just wanted to let you know I enjoyed your post and the description of the road to Prescott. We'll be sure and avoid that route ☺. We just joined Escapees but have not had the privilege yet to visit any of the parks. Looking forward to it.

Rick and Paulette said...

Yes, Phyllis, it's legit. Google gives you 1GB free storage and then you have to pay $5 per year for a whopping 20GB! Just go to your Picasa Web Albums site and follow the instructions, it's simple.

Laurie and George said...

You should be able to see how much space you have left on Picasa. Log in, and then scroll to the bottom to see what your % of usage is. I store my pictures on Smug Mug, but the pictures that get loaded onto the blog are stored in Picasa. I think I have about 450 pictures there and it's only 15% of my total storage that is for free.

Hope that helps :)