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Friday, March 18, 2011

Hey, but it's cheap!

Sun Valley,  AZ

While still in Congress yesterday we stopped at the store pictured above that is right up the road from North Ranch.  It is a combination of feed store and antique shop.  One lady was asking when they would get the chickens in that lay blue eggs.   I guess she prefers her Easter Eggs already colored.

After checking out and saying goodbye to Linda and Joe, we pulled out of North Ranch at 8:37 this morning.

About Linda and Joe - we met them while staying at Raccoon Valley outside of Knoxville, TX last fall.  They were the managers.   Then we saw them at Dreamcatcher in Deming, NM early this year where they were the managers.   They were moved to North Ranch a few months ago and we again caught up with them. 

A funny thing - we were all talking the other night and they mentioned they were assigned to the Livingston, TX Escapees Park last January to March.   It hit us!   We remember Linda from the park last February.  It was our first week of fulltime traveling.      Linda and Joe's next assignment is in Branson,  MO. in April.  We are due for a NOMADS project in MO. during April.   However, they want 20 people but only 5 have signed up.  If it is cancelled, we will probably head to Branson.    Watch out Joe and Linda, here we come again (maybe).

After studying the map, we decided the easiest (not the shortest) drive would be to head south on Rt 60, take RT 74 east before getting into Phoenix and pick up I17 north to I40 east.    WOW!  Some of the ride on I17 has steep climbs and descents.

Years ago we did some touring of this area of Arizona.  We "think" we went to Montezuma's Castle.  As it is right off of I17, we decided to tour it again.  We pulled into the road going back to it and about 100 feet down the road was a sign "No trucks over 40 feet"   Our truck and fiver combined is 56 feet.   We had no choice but to proceed.  We got to the parking lot, there was no parking for RV's our size and not even any spots left for a car.    Len's driving skill got us around the parking lot and we headed on our way again.

We passed a sign saying 2000 ft elevation.  Then 3,000 ft elevation,   A short while later 4,000 ft elevation.  Then 5,000 and 6,000 ft.    Nearing Flagstaff we were at 7,000.   At that elevation we saw this mountain ahead with it''s snow capped peaks.

At Flagstaff we picked up I40 and headed east.   We realized we needed fuel and found a Safeway station.   Because we have a Safeway shoppers card and recently made purchases, we got a discount.  We paid $3.73 a gallon, the cheapest we've paid in over a month.   But, ouch!  With all the climbing, we were only averaging 4.24 mpg.

Once we got on I40 and pass the more the populated area, we remarked it looked much like driving through the plains states.    We saw miles and miles of waving grasses.

A lot of I40 runs parallel to historic Rt 66.   We would see old abandoned campgrounds, restaurants and tourist attractions.  This one sits at an exit and is still in business.

After driving 295 miles we pulled into our destination for the next two nights.   This is one sad looking campground.  However, for Escapees or Passport America members (we are both) it is 1/2 half off, making the cost just $31.00 for two nights.  

I figure, we only need a place to pull into.  Tomorrow we will go to the nearby Petrified Forest and on Sunday we head on down the road.    


JOJO said...

WOW you sure are making head way. To bad you couldn't find a place in Camp Verder or Cottonwood. I have stayed in Dead Horse Ranch on Cottonwood and at Trails End in Camp Verde. I have friends who have stayed further down the road in Camp Verde with large RV or Motor Homes. I wonder what area you where in. I have a small 23' MH so I don't have to much trouble.
Just a word of warning on Safeway gas stations. I know some people who bought gas in Oracle here in AZ. and within minutes they're accounts had been broken into, it even made the news. Check you accounts. Sorry to have to tell you this.

Laurie and George said...

Flagstaff is a beautiful place. I remember seeing snow on the peaks when it was in the 100 degree range below.

Rick and Paulette said...

I've been to Montezuma's Castle and Len must have done some pretty tricky driving with your rig to turn around and get out of there.

It may be a sad looking campground but the price is sure right!