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Monday, March 28, 2011

Fort Reno on a cold, damp day

El Reno,  OK

Hey, JoJo welcome as a follower.  JoJo is originally a Jersey Girl, now living in Tucson.  Glad to be see you and enjoy your comments.

The last few Sundays were "moving" days and we did not attend church.  One of the first things we did when we arrived in El Reno was to ask our Navigation system to direct us to the nearest United Methodist Church.

Attending Wesley UMC on Sunday was pure joy.  What a welcoming congregation.   We were introduced from the pulpit and upon leaving presented two mini loaves of banana bread.   Most churches we attend are friendly.  The people of this church were some of the friendliest!    We felt completely comfortable from the moment we entered.

It has become very cold, damp and dreary here the last few days.   After breakfast today we drove into town to the Ford dealership.  This new truck has so many "gadgets" and Leonard had a question on a few.   After getting some answers, we drove outside of town to Historic Fort Reno.

Fort Reno was established as a military post in 1876.  The Fort assisted in preserving the peace and directed the transition of this part of Indian territory from a reservation to individual farms and ranches.  Troops supervised the first great Land Run of 1889 that opened lands for settlement.

The original main officers quarters burned and was rebuilt in 1936.   It is now used as a welcome center and museum.

More officers quarters.  Built in 1876.

Chapel built in 1944.  

Calvary Barracks Kitchen built around 1900.

Commissary built 1885.

Fort Cemetery

During WWII an internment camp was erected at the Fort.  Over 1,300 Germans who were captured in North Africa were imprisoned at Fort Reno.  They were hired as laborers by local farmers, worked as farm hands and built the Fort Reno Chapel.

A separate seciton of the cementry is where 70 former prisoners are interred. 

There are 62 Germans and 8 Italians buried here.   One is Johannes Kunze.  He was beaten to death by fellow POW's who accused him of being a traitor.  Those charged with his murder stood trial at Fort Leavenworth, KS, found guilty and were executed.   The death of Kunze is the subject of Extreme Justice by Vince Greene.

Recently someone desecrated his gravestone.

Each year special wreathes are laid in remembrance of the prisoners.  When the German delegation saw TRAITOR written on the grave, they informed the curator of the museum they would be reporting the incident to the German Consulant.  Attempts have been made to remove the writing without success.

For many years the Fort hosted polo matches, horse races and jumping meets.  Horse culture thrived at Fort Reno.  Black Jack was born as a part of the Fort Reno Quartermaster Remount stations' breeding program and spent his early life on the post.  Black Jack was the riderless horse in President Kennedy's funeral procession.  He was also used in the funerals of General Douglas MacArthur and Presidents Hoover and Johnson.

Time to head on over to the Casino to pick up today's two $10. vouchers for the slots.   Didn't win on Saturday.  Let's see if we get rich today.


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Glad you had a good experience at the church.I work for a large United Methodist Church here in KC. I also have worked at Fort Leavenworth there is a lot of history there.

Have a good week..

Laurie and George said...

We are going to attend a UMC church this Sunday. I'm not happy with my Lutheran synod at the moment ;) We are shopping around a bit :)

JOJO said...

Great History,I love history and I love to explore. So I will just follow you around on your blog. :)Thanks