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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Found a cheap site - sorely needed!

El Reno,  OK

Welcome to Doyle and Terri who have dropped in to check out this blog.   So glad to see you.

After spending a night in the Ford parking lot in Amarillo, we had to wait for the new hitch to arrive and be installed. We got very little sleep.   I complained to the dealer that their campground needed to turn down all those bright lights that annoy us campers trying to sleep.

While waiting for the hitch to be installed, we started unloading.  As fulltimers and mission volunteers we sure do carry a lot of stuff in a truck (tools).

One thing Len will miss is this bumper.  Can be sure someday a new one will be on the F350.   SOMEDAY, not soon.   Len do you hear me?  Alright, do you understand me????

Megan, the salesperson, is wearing a smile.    Probably because of a hefty commission coming her way.

Finally around two we got the truck and got to work.  Megan helped.

Our first hookup.  No, we do not travel with the slides extended.

We drove 150 miles to Elk City, OK where we found a campground and stayed for the night.  We did not even bother to onhook.  Just really needed to get some sleep.  Those bright lights the night before,  remember.

Back on the road by 9:00 am.   Destination El Reno, OK.   I had asked for suggestions of places to stay near Oklahoma City on the Escapees forum.     Got lots of replies.   My favorite suggestion was this:

 We arrived around 10:30.  A woman security officer was driving around the parking lot and stopped to talk to us even before we got unhooked.   She said she would drive us up to the front door.  This was much appreciated.  Remember, we have been in warmer AZ for two months.  Today in this part of Oklahoma it is 42 and windy.  We are sitting on a hill out in the middle of fields.  Bitter is the word that comes to mind.  Chilled to the bone.

The deal here is - no cost to camp!   That is Free for 50 amps, sewer and water.   YES FREE.  We went inside and signed up at security.    We asked what is the limit of time we could stay here.   No limit.   Then we were instructed to the "players counter" where we each received a $10 voucher to the slots.   We each get another one on Monday.  I get one on Tuesday, Ladies Day.  Leonard gets one of Thursday, Mens Day.

We will be here until Thusday.  Camping free.  Using their electric to keep warm.   Playing slots with the $60 they give us.    And on Tuesday and Wednesday will be spending time with my cousin Bonnie who lives in Oklahoma City.  How good can it get!!!!

Wondering if we can find more "campgrounds" like this.   Afterall, we have a truck to pay for.

Yesterday on our blog Jerry/Carol had questioned our logic for getting another Ford after all the problems we had with our 2006 F250.   Yea, we did have problems.  It was never our 6.0 engine. Although the 6.0 was known to be a problem.  With us it was always something that affected the engine.  That engine was built by IH.   We have done a lot of research on the 6.7 we now have that is actually built by Ford.   We have heard only good things about it.   And Len is, and will always be, a Ford man just like his oldest and youngest brothes.

Then we also have to consider this.  We bought the F250 on June 6, 2006.  That is 6/6/6.   Who knew it was a bad date to buy a truck as it turned out to be the truck from hell.


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

That is a good looking truck and the camp site you can't beat for the price. The weather well???

Donna K said...

That's quite a deal you found there (the casino, not the truck, lol). But your new truck looks pretty good too. I had to laugh at your last comment on the old truck. Hope you have better luck with the new one.

Laurie and George said...

Haha, 666...yup, the truck from hell!

JOJO said...

Great price for camping. Have fun stay warm and best of luck with the new truck.

Terry said...

Terry here of Terry and Jo on RV Dreams. We live in the Oklahoma City area. In fact, we live a little SW of Oklahoma City between Mustang and Tuttle, OK.

I can understand that you would be relieved with getting rid of a truck with a faltering engine. Good looking rig, by the way.

Enjoy your stay in Oklahoma.