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Monday, March 7, 2011

From Gila Bend to Yuma

Yuma, AZ

On our last day in Gila Bend we had lunch at the only really interesting building in the town.   The Space Age Motel and Restaurant.

     Looks like something out of the 50's.

The prices were reasonable as was the food.

We were on the road about 10 on Sunday morning.    The trip was uneventful with mostly flat desert scenery.   Not too far east of Yuma there is one area where we passed through mountains for a short time.

We arrived at the Yuma County Fairgrounds shortly before noon.

The parking crew directed us to the waiting area which was a paved parking lot. The information we received said that parking of rigs would start at noon.  Already there must have been 40 rigs lined up ahead of us.   Someone came by and said it would be one o'clock before they would start getting rigs parked.  

The temperature was in the high 80's.   We found a shady spot and spent the time talking to other RVers.  About 2:30 they started taking in the vendors and handicap attendees.    Then they sought out the smaller rigs that are able to be parked under shelters.   We finally got moved about 3:30.  That's okay.  Everyone was patient and enjoyed the time just sitting in the shade of the rigs and talking.   No one was in a hurry and the parking crew was friendly and helpful.

We knew to arrive with our fresh water tank full and gray and black tanks empty as there is no water or sewer hookups.   We were also told we would have only 20 amp service.   That's okay.  We can manage even though our fresh water tank holds 60 gallons and at 6 days that would mean we have 10 gallons a day usage.  We can do it.

We were directed where to park.

Our site backs up to a fence and beyond that a side road.     We started to hook up our electric to the box sitting on the right side (looking at our rig) when the parking attendant noticed there was an electric box on the pole on the left.   Checked in out and it was 50 Amps!!!!    EUREKA!  If the temps stay high we can have air AND microwave AND tv.   How cool is that!

Even though we are across from the airport, we slept sound last night until the winds started early this morning.    It has been windy all day with gusts up to 45 mph.    The temps are in the 70's but much too windy to hang around outside.   The start at the rally starts in about 30 minutes with introductions and then a panel discussion relating to Rving issues.

We are expecting a fun filled and informational few days.  Off we go.


Donna K said...

I had never heard of Gypsy Journal. We have been out of RVing for quite a few years and are just now getting back into it. I did some research and I think this rally sounds like fun. Maybe next year...enjoy!

MargieAnne said...

This is fun! I can enjoy the Gypsy Rally from your point of view and Nick's. One day for real maybe.

I do appreciate your comments and anyone who has a moment to pray for us too. The last few years have not been easy but there seems to be a strong light on the horizon which we are heading for.... have no idea what adventures are in store for us.

Rick and Paulette said...

Sure are a lot of bloggers heading to Yuma these days! Sounds like you snagged a pretty prime spot in the park too. Have fun at the Rally.

Laurie and George said...

Sounds intriguing! Can't wait for more..

Karol said...

I enjoy reading about your travels. No matter where you go, I can follow along with you. It's great.

Donna aka Froggi said...

We were there last winter, helped with the parking...in the rain. LOL! Guess this year it was sunburn time.

We SOOOOO love the Gypsy Journal Rallies (GJR) and hate missing this one. We'll be at the east coast one in OH this Sept and in Yuma next winter.

If we could only go to one rally, the GJR would be it. We highly recommend it to anyone!!

Barb said...

Phyllis, love reading about your Arizona adventures 'cause we've been to all these places and done all these things too. We even spent a night at the Space Age Motel the year we didn't take our 5er to AZ at Christmas time. Thanks for sharing all your fun. Makes me wish I was there!!! :)