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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Vulture Mine

Wickenburg,  AZ

About 12 miles out of Wickenburg is an abandoned gold and silver mine.   It seems Mr. Wickenburg discovered gold in this area in the 1860's.  The mine operated until 1942 when it and all such mines were ordered closed by the Federal Government.   The government wanted mining to be concentrated on lead, zinc and other metals that would help the war effort.  Because of this regulation, many mines were closed and people put out of work.

Welcome building.  No electric, parts falling down, full of interesting stuff.  Sells cold drinks and several types of rocks and rock jewelry.  If you need to use the restroom (outside) it will cost you $1.00.

Assay building.  Not safe to enter.

Mine shaft

The cost of a self-guided tour is a $10.00 per person "donation".   We were told the property is owned by one man who wishes to remain anonymous.   What a hot day it was for a walk under the Arizona sun.   I am glad we had a bottle of water but even so, I felt exhausted by the time we were done.  Fortunately we set out to tour early - around 10:30.   I can only imagine how it would feel in the afternoon.

Maybe the jail?

Conveyor tracks for ore from bottom of mine

6 cylinder diesel generator made in Germany and put in service 1904.

Early 1900's drill press

The Brothel.    Was in operation for 60 years.

Entering the kitchen of the brothel

In the main dining building

18 men were hung from this tree when caught stealing ore

After the tour we went into town for lunch.  I had read recommendations on the Horseshoe Cafe.  We had burgers, they were okay - just okay.  We walked about the corner for ice cream.  The waitress at the Cafe suggested it.   The ice cream is made there.  It was good but I find $3.50 for one SCOOP a little much.

Then we walked a little around town.  Lots of western type stores.  We have been buying Christmas gifts as we find something interesting.  We bought 4 more gifts today.   We are so proud - we've brought 12 gifts already and it is only March.

Right outside of Congress we have noticed this huge frog sitting up on the rocks.   He's must be lazy like I am.  He's been sitting there since we entered town 6 days ago.


Rick and Paulette said...

Interesting post. I was actually thinking as I was reading that it might be worth it to check out the mine to look for Gold. Then I saw the Hanging Tree! Forget it - 18 hanged for stealing ore, wow!!

JOJO said...

Glad you are enjoying all the AZ mining towns, it will be getting way to hot soon for sight seeing in those great old towns. I will be heading for my summer place in Lakeside, AZ around May 1. But will try to get into those towns next winter.
Keep having fun and yes carry your water.

Laurie and George said...

Looks like a terrific place to visit for sure! Watch out for the local sheriff!