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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We got kicked on RT 66

Tucumcari,  NM

Another travel day and our traveling cat Lucky was ready to GO, even though we woke to a light sleet.

As we approached Albuquerque we saw mountains ahead.   Our hope was that we would not have to cross at the higher elevations.  We didn't.

The trip turned eventful.    We still have two of those lousy tires that came on the Montana.  CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP.   We stopped at a rest area where another RVer told us our back right tire on the fiver was bouncing.  Len checked and saw it had a bubble.   We decided we would get two more new tires when we got to Tucumcari.  The tire had other ideas.  About 20 more miles more up the road and the Pressure Pro let us know the tire was giving up the ghost.

We no sooner were on the road again and the Check Engine light came on.   Now, some of you know we have had to have the engine oil cooler coil replaced three times.   The second time Ford completely replaced the engine, radiator, hoses, etc.    We are sweating it.  It is happening again???

We got to Tucumcari and found the Ford dealer.

Don't think they can help.   Closest Ford dealer is in Amarillo,  TX 115 miles up the road.  Well, here is hoping nothing happens until Thursday when we will get to Amarillo and have our truck checked out.

We found a tire dealer who has to order the tires we want.  They should arrive tomorrow morning.  We will replace both of the orignial tires still on our rig.

We are on:

One can only imagine what these towns were when Rt 66 was the Mother Road.   The town we left yesterday, Milan and the neighboring town Grants are really hard hit.   In a 4 mile span Len and I counted 64 business that were boarded up.    Tucumcari does not appear as bad, but we still see lots of closures.

Here is the park we are staying for two nights.  Nothing fancy but is does have free WIFI and Cable.  This makes us both happy.

A relic from the past on Rt 66.

And a place for vehicles on Rt 66, that like Rt 66, that have seen better days.

The answer the question about my new camera.  It is nothing fancy nor expensive.  Only a Kodak easyshare M532.  It does the job.


I.M. Vayne said...

I.M. not sure yer camera is a good as you say it is. Looks to me like it takes photos of bad tires, boarded up buildings and junk cars.

Rick and Paulette said...

Nothing wrong with Kodak cameras, they take excellent photos! Sure hope your mechanical problems aren't serious and you get to the bottom of the light problem. Someone told me once that an engine light can come on if the gas cap is not twisted on properly.

Donna K said...

I like that RV park sign. Looks like something from the 50s or 60s. I've always wanted to travel Rt. 66. Sure hope your truck does not have a major problem.

Jerry / Carol said...

Phyllis, Sorry to hear about the travel wows. We too are looking at a Montana 3400RL as well as a Ford truck. I am curious about your truck issues. Which Ford truck do you have and how confident are you the Ford will fix the problem again? I am guessing an engine swap takes a few days to complete.
Thanks for your feedback.

Sam&Donna Weibel said...

I didn't know about the check engine light issues with Ford Diesels,when I bought my Chev/Duramax, they were having issues with the auto trans, When I found out the Chev/GMC Diesel came with the Allison that made my mind up, that's the same transmission they use in trucks & busses and I knew from driving for Trailways that they stood up to rough service. Sure hope they can come up with a fix this time, I hate to take things back more than once , they should fix it right the first time. You guys have had your share of bad luck with damage to the trailer, truck, and then the wrong steps.Your luck has got to be due to change for the better. Be safe out there.. Sam & Donna..

JOJO said...

Kodak is a great little camera. Bought myself one for Christmas after seeing pictures my daughter took. I also have a Canon that takes great long distance shots.
I also had the check engine light problem and yes it was caused by the gas cap not being on properly. Hope thats all it is for you too.

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Check to make sure your fuel cap is on tight. Just learned this week that a loose one will make the check engine light come on.

Laurie and George said...

Hope your issues are fixed quickly!

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Goodness me! You guys certainly have had your share of "tests" on the road. Cool little camera, although I.M. Vayne's comments made me giggle. I did enjoy the photos of the old cars . . . was that a Rambler in there? Wow. Hope you have a roadside assistance plan for both the 5er and the truck. Take care!