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Thursday, April 5, 2012


Georgetown,  TX

The letter E brings to mind Easter as it is but 4 days away.   How different the celebration of Easter is today from when I was a child.

Easter and the days leading up to it were sacred.   Back then stores closed not only on Easter day but for the hours between noon and 3 pm on Good Friday, the hours said to be when our Saviour Jesus was crucified.  

Way back then as a child we looked forward to our new Easter outfits.   My grandmother often made mine.  I well remember her making my new Easter coat when I was about 6 or so.  Each year  I would have an new entire outfit;  a new dress, shoes, an Easter bonnet and even little white gloves.  Everyone showed up for Easter services in their Easter finest.

I well remember one Easter in particular.   My brother is 7 years younger than me.   He must have been about 6 or so.  Mom carefully dressed him in his new suit.   Our church was across the street from our house and down the street about 500 feet.   My brother, Norman, came out of the house to cross the street and go to church.   Instead of walking, he ran as children do.   In his running he must have decided it would be a good idea to jump over the hedge in our front yard.  He did not quite make it.  Up he came with one pant leg of his brand new suit ribbed to shreds.   Yup, that suit lasted maybe 15 minutes!  I so remember the reaction of our mother.   Let's say it was not pleasant.

Then there was Easter dinner.   Ham, potato salad, deviled eggs (made from the eggs we children gathered at the church's Easter egg hunt), baked beans, cole slaw.      Oh yea, the deviled eggs usually had a bit of blue, green or pink coloring on the white part.

This Sunday we will attend church as we do most Sunday's.  We will be up at the Texas/Oklahoma border where we will stay at a COE park for a few days.  When we get to that area tomorrow we will seek out a church to attend.    We will celebrate the Resurrection of our Saviour.     We will not be wearing new Easter clothes but one of the few nicer outfits we kept for such occasions.    That's okay, God does not look at what is on our bodies but what it in our hearts.

What are your memories of Easter?


Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

I remember getting dressed up and going to the Easter parade. I also remember my dad having us buy our mom a corsage that she wore every Easter...no matter how ugly it was...she wore it with such pride. Boy I wish I would have appreciated that more then! Thanks for bringing back so many great memories. Hope you two have a very Blessed Easter celebration! ~wheresweaver

Donna K said...

When I was little my mother made Easter dresses for me and my two sisters. She was a VERY talented seamstress. Our brother usually got something new from JC Penney's, at least a new tie. I remember Easter bonnets and eggs hunts and Easter baskets. I loved getting dressed up for church and yes, little white gloves were a part of most outfits. The first bank I worked in in California even closed from 12-3 on Good Friday. Bet they don't anymore.

Donna W. said...

I was the only member of my family to attend church on Sundays, except Easter Sunday..my dad always went w/ me on Easter. Made me feel so special to have my Dad sitting next to me. Of course we also took the car on that Sunday, Dad wasnt up to walking the mile on country roads to get to church.
and remember when an Easter Egg hunt was really a hunt? No such thing as just laid all over an open field, the community easter egg hunt you had to really HUNT to find the eggs. sometimes a few days afterward you could smell where some had not been found :-)

Peggy n David said...

I remember my Easter outfits, as well as the ones I got for my little ones - I have pics of most of those :)

Our family always got together at our house for Easter, and my Mom, Dad, Grammy and I would color dozens of eggs - and Dad would hide 'em, mom always made notes where they were :) Several times we had snow storms when Easter was early (like this year!) and he would hide the eggs all over the house...on top of closets, in the bookshelves, balanced on top of pictures...such a hoot!

Good memories - happy Easter to you and Len!

Elaine said...

I remember Easter Sunday pretty much the same way you do..new outfit, right down to the white gloves and it was the first day we were permitted to take off the warm leotards and put on knee socks...we'd be all excited going to church in our new outfits...have a super Easter....

JO said...

WE used to go to Asbury Park all dressed and walk the board walk. Of course church first. After the board walk it was hame and all the fixings at my Aunt Betty's house.

owensontheroad said...

Yes, sounds familiar! When I was small, my Mom would hide eggs for me in plain sight, and I could never find them. Then I would dress up in my finest and head to worship. We would usually go to my Dad's mother's house for a big ham dinner.
Good memories!