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Friday, April 13, 2012

K day - Karma

El Reno,  OK

I had a difficult time thinking of a word starting with K that I could blog about.   Finally I settled on KARMA.

Karma is usually associated with Mideastern religions.   Some of those religions explain that a Supreme Being plays a role in Karma.  Others say it is a natural law, not a punishment but a consequence of a natural act.    In short, cause and effect.

One saying of the West is "What goes around, comes around".

I had never heard much about the word Karma until I starting watching a TV program a few years back called My Name is Earl.    The story line was about Earl who had a less than stellar history.  He bought a lottery ticket and won a nice sum of money.   From there he felt a need to make up for his past bad deeds and compiled a list of those people he wronged.     In his efforts to make right he encountered some difficulties but in the end he usually learned a lesson.  He blamed it on Karma.

We all encounter life's challenges.  But how often it is of our own making.   We overspend and get ourselves into financial binds.   We ignore obvious signs of a health issue and it becomes worse.  We gossip or make a remark about a friend or relative and it comes back to bite us in the butt.   We over eat, don't exercise and have health issues as a result.  The list goes on and on.

 What do you think?  Is it Karma or the results caused by our own actions.


Elaine said...

humm good blog to make us all think today...I think it is of our own making...have a super weekend

Happytrails said...

Yes, a thought provoker!! I think it is our own making!

Donna W. said...

you here many people banter around the term Karma. In an eastern philosoph class in college professor posed a problem.
a fox is chasing a rabbit for express purpose of killing him to eat him, a boulder comes down and kills the fox. Who loses or gains karma? Does the fox lose because he was trying to kill the rabbit, or does the boulder lose because it killed the fox who was merely trying to get food to survive?

where's weaver said...

Way too deep a subject matter for me. I say...Don't worry, Be happy! ~wheresweaver

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Oh Phyllis, don't even get me started! :)

MargieAnne said...

Hi Phyllis.

Impossible to believe in Karma when God is sovereign in my life.

Good things happen, bad things happen, sometimes I get it right, other times not.

Wisdom, common sense and Karma do not mix. It's interesting how some people manage to put everything down to Karma and let themselves off personal responsibility.

Since we are expected to be always kind there doesn't seem much point to Karma. It seems too much like reward and punishment to me. But punishment for What!!!

It kind of makes a mockery of unconditional love. That's my thinking.

Thanks for the opportunity to voice my opinion.


JOJO said...

I say it is of our doing. But hey who knows.
MargieAnne does make a good point.

Jerry / Carol said...

Thought provoker! MargieAnne summed it up nicely.