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Monday, April 16, 2012

L = Left Lucky Star

St. John,  KS

For the last several days we have been staying at:

This casino is a short drive north on RT 81 from El Reno, OK.   It sits out in a field.  A very windy field.

There are 10 full hook up sites and they are FREE.    The casino is an Native American run property.

We slept sound last night in relation to the previous two nights.  Each of those nights we had to bring in the slides and keep one eye open and one ear awake for the latest information on tornadoes ripping through the area.

So today we were glad LEAVE LUCKY STAR.    We got on the road at 8:25 and drove the 210 miles to St. John, KS arriving at 12:40.

It was a pleasant drive seeing not much more along the way than cattle and oil rigs.   One interesting town was Pratt, KS.  All the streets were brick.   Can't imagine how long it took or how many bricks to lay these streets.

On the way out of town I caught a quick shot of these.   Now, just how do they do that:)

We are currently at Pine Haven RV Park at St. John, KS.  When we arrived we found we were the only guests.    We got parked and started to eat lunch when we saw a Motor-home pull in.   AHA! Company.  

Imagine how delighted we were to see they are also NOMADS.   We've never met before but already found they are good friends with a couple we just worked with back in Texas.

The four of us are heading to Pizza Hut tonight for dinner and to get acquainted.   Life is full of  such pleasant surprises.

So here we are, only two rigs in a lovely little park.

We are dodged the tornadoes in Oklahoma and came to Kansas.  Does not make any sense as I remember what happened to Dorothy and Toto.


Happytrails said...

So glad you all stayed safe in the wake of all the severe storms running through the midwest.
Yes, it is a small world isn't it?? Glad you got some good neighbors and made new NOMAD friends!!

where's weaver said...

First things first...be sure you know where to go IF there is a twister in that area. Please be safe.
Second...how great meeting new people and hitting it off so nicely. So nice when neighbors are neat people Enjoy your time together.

JO said...

Hope you don't have any weather trouble there.

At least you aren't all crowded in there.
Enjoy your new friends.

Donna W. said...

Pretty soon we'll have to call you storm chasers. going from one tornado alley state to another.
Where you headed from Kansas?

Rick said...

Stay ahead of those twisters if you can. Amazing to run across a fellow Nomad that way.