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Thursday, April 12, 2012


El Reno,  OK

First, I have been neglectful in welcoming recent new followers =  SK and Hutch,  RVingFT, Julie in Oregon and Jan Goldfield.     To those who have blogs, I will be dropping in.  To the rest, keep in touch!

Today's J topic is Justin, our old 24 year old grandson.

Justin is the son of my younger daughter, Terri and is our oldest grandchild.    He lives and works in Philadelphia.    He loves living in the city where he can ride his bicycle to shop, work, site see and visit.     We worry somewhat but that is just being grandparents.

As Justin was growing up there were times when he and his Mom lived with us.   He became very close to  Leonard and me.    He does not remember when Leonard was not his grand pop as he was just 9 months old when Len and I met.    There is never a time when we see each other that he does not hug us and tell us he loves us.    When he and I email back and forth he will always ask about how his Grandpop is and ask me to tell him that he loves him.

Justin has a great sense of humor, as shown in photo from last Christmas.   He is also gifted with the love of music and can play several instruments.   He has guitars, a keyboard and a violin.    I've also seen drawings he has done mostly in the form of cartoons.     He has worked on painting building murals in Philadelphia.

When his niece Charlotte came along she was always scared of him.   But with patience he won her over.   Her younger sister Abby follows along.

She is now 5 and still calls him Cousin Justin.  Not just Justin but Cousin Justin.  He asks "Am I Amish?"

Yea, we are proud and our oldest grandchild.  

Justin, if you read this, we love and miss you.  See you in a few months??


Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

Justin looks and sounds like an awesome young man. Boy how I love when the young people still enjoy spending time with their parents and grandparents. We are very Blessed also. Our girls look forward to seeing us and spending time doing fun things. I am sure Justin is thrilled that today is his J day.

Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Justin sounds like a good man and you should be proud.