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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

M- Movies

St. John, KS.

Today I will blog about movies.   We are really not huge movie fans.  We seldom go.   But once in a while an advertisement will hit us making us want to see what all the fuss is about.   I remember years ago all the ado about  E.T.   I went to see it.  What a disappointment.  I guess I was expecting something great considering all the hype.

I remember the first movie I ever saw.  It was around 1947 or 1948 when I was three or four.  It was "Song of the South".  I loved that movie as a child and remember seeing it more times as I was growing up.    But that movie is now "politically incorrect" and no longer consider appropriate.  It has never been issued on home video for that reason. Oops - I suppose I simply was not enlightened.   But I can still sing the words to Zip-a-dee-doo-dah.

Today we drove over to:

The town was sure not what I expected.  We did the usual tourist thing by going through the Boot Hill Museum and even saw Boot Hill.  No one famous was ever buried there.

The town was founded in 1872 but only flourished for a few years.  The original buildings are long gone replaced by these replicas which for a fee visitors can tour.

One of the buildings is the Long Branch.   No Miss Kitty around there.

No Marshall Dillon, No Chester, No Doc., No Festus either!

Wyatt Earp worked there for a few years.  But he was NEVER the Sheriff or Marshall.   He never was more than an assistant.   Another case of Hollywood hype.

Which brings me back to today's topic.   I do like a good Western movie on occasion.  An old favorite was Big Country staring Gregory Peck and also Silverado many years later.

Looking back I think of the movies I did enjoy at various times in my life.   When I was a teenager - South Pacific.   Another musical I loved was Sound of Music.     I guess DO, RE, MI must have reminded me of Zip-a-dee-doo-dah?

The other night we got the DVD of War Horse.  That was worth watching.   But my favorite movie at this time and for the last couple of years is Gran Torino.  I love the message and Clint Eastwood's portrayal.

What movies do you like?


Happytrails said...

Gran Torino is a very good movie, but two of my favorites are; Dances with Wolves and Shenandoah. y gotta say though there are a lot of good movies out there.
Thanks for the info on Dodge City, good information there.

Judy and Emma said...

Give me Dances with Wolves, and a good old John Wayne movie. :)

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

We DO NOT go to movies and seldom watch them. But I do want to see War Horse. One of the recent ones we watched was The King's Speech...really enjoyed that one. I think my all time favorite is either Tootsie or The Godfather.

MargieAnne said...

Hi. The first movie I remember was a Lassie one and I vaguely remember she was shot or something. Obviously it was a wartime movie. My aunts took me. From that time I have never liked animal movies with the exception of the Benjy movies.

We went to Dodge City. It was a bit of a let down although for us it was a buzz to walk along the Gunsmoke street. We were impressed by the accuracy of the replica town. You do things well in USA.

Our visit to the Museum there was where I began to understand the tragedy of early European treatment of Native Indians. It was quite appalling although Australia has similar stories about their treatment of the Aborigines in the early days of settlement. We came away knowing our Maori were treated extremely well, considering the thinking at the time, although you wouldn't think so to listen to the activists.

We don't go to movies very often. The last time was in Christchurch last November when we went to The Help and we were not disappointed.


Donna K said...

I don't like theaters because of the loud noise but I do enjoy some movies. Loved the Sound of Music. Loved the animated feature "UP"...one of the best movies ever!!

Anonymous said...

Lonesome Dove.

Cat Lady

Laurie and George said...

We love movies too. We will occasionally go and see one in the theater, but most of the time we just rent. I would rather get the full experience at the surround sound of a theater, but the kids annoy me!

Peggy n David said...

We don't really 'go' to movies, but we do rent them :) Over the past couple years I must say that yes, War Horse was a great movie - and our favorite 'kid' movie is 'Ice Age' - we can both talk along with the dialogue :) Loved Titanic, and just laughed and laughed at 'What's up Doc?'

Donna W. said...

Might not have been any of those cowboys you mentioned, but think I saw a cowboy Len in the saloon.
Doesnt politically correct take all the fun out of life.

Rick Doyle said...

"Time to get outta Dodge" - sorry, I just had to say it!

Elaine said...

i think my first movie was the shaggy dog...many many moons ago...I remember as a kid Mom and dad piling us into the car on Sat nites in our jammies with blankets and pillows heading off to the drive in...we don't do theaters much anymore...but do like to watch movies..

Carol and Kevin said...

No Miss Kitty or Marshall Dillon... bummer!