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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Love these COE parks.

Lake Texoma, Cartwright, OK

Taking the weekend off from Blogging from A to Z.

We arrived at this COE park on Friday afternoon.    What a great park right across from the TX border into Oklahoma by the bridge crossing over the dam.  

We could see the campground in the distance.

Each site in the newer section is on a large cement pad, has a table under a shelter, a grill and a fish cleaning station.   This is our "home" until Wednesday.

A decent site but this one looks perfect.   Of course it was reserved.

We've taken a walk around the campground.   Where we are there is full hook ups, 50 amp, water and sewer.  Across the way the pad are gravel and there is no sewer.  Then around the corner are the tent only sites.  I sure would not want to be one of them now (or ever).   We woke in the middle of the night to lightning and fierce thunder.     We checked the 5 day forecast and it is expected to be more of the same.

We have found the Corps of Engineer Parks to be great values.   The parks are clean and well tended.  Some have sewer, some don't.  Those that don't have clean shower and toilet facilities.    However, these parks are so well known  that sometimes getting into them can be a challenge.    Yesterday I reserved for two more, one in Kansas and another in Nebraska.     We really appreciate the 50% discount given to us as holders of the Federal Golden Passport.    A fee of from only $9.00 to $12.00 a night sure helps the budget.

When traveling from Georgetown Tx to here we saw fuel prices ranging from $3.99 on up to $4.29 in the Dallas area.   How delighted we were to see the station at the entrance of the campground with this:

Kinda hard to believe that we are glad to see fuel prices at ONLY $3.75!!!

What are you paying for gas/fuel?


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

We love COE parks also. Gas $3.64 Diesel $3.80

Texas Yellow Rose said...

Diesel at our usual place here is $3.97 9/10 and down the road a bit is $4.01 9/10. Funny how the higher one dropped three cents in the past few days . . . Love those COE parks, too! Looks great where you are. :)

Paul and Marsha Weaver OCT. 17, 2009 said...

When we pick where are going to stay, it is in this order.


We love every COE we have ever stayed in. Thanks for the heads up on this one. Just lovely.
Enjoy your week. ~wheresweaveer

Jerry / Carol said...

Best price in Blue Ridge, GA seems to hold steady at $4.04.
Highest I paid since leaving Texas mid February was $4.24 in North Carolina. That was a mistake on our part. Gas Buddy was set to find nearest station not cheapest station.

COE is always a bargain.

Elaine said...

we've paid as much as 4.19 for diesel but saw a place close to our campground today for 3.59 I think it was-hopefully its still at that price the day we pull out...looks like a great park and you can't beat the price...enjoy your time there

owensontheroad said...

I like that park too! Will file it away. We saw diesel here today at $4.45! That's insane!

Donna K said...

Looks like a great park - too bad the one by the lake was reserved.

Travels with Emma said...

I'll be staying at several COE parks next month when I leave the refuge. Can't beat that deal.

JO said...

Beautiful Park.
I saw a sign today for $3.89 Glad I'm not using my motor home this summer. Filling the car is hard enough.