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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

An H kind of day.

Lake Texoma, Cartwright, OK

I had been wondering just what I would blog about today.  Could not really settle on an "H" topic.  Then we went for a ride yesterday.  There is was!   Two of them!


We are right across Lake Texoma on the Oklahoma side from Denison, TX.   While driving around Denison we saw signs indicating it is the birthplace of Dwight Eisenhower.   Funny, I always thought he was born in Abilene, KS.   So we went to take a look/see.    We followed signs to:

The complex includes the house he was born in and another house used as a Visitor Center and gift shop.   The Visitor center and house was closed.  However, there was a man weed whacking.  He told us to drive on up to the house and we could walk around the property.

It is a simple white clapboard house with a small vegetable garden in the back and several flower beds.

President Eisenhower was born here in 1890.  The family moved to Abilene when he was two.  He considered Abilene his home.   He served as President from 1953 until 1961 before which he was a Five Star General and Supreme Commander of Allied Forces in Europe during World War II.

As a child I well remember both of his elections.   Today so many people are considered "heroes" who have done nothing more than played a sport well or acted in a popular movie.     Regardless of one's political leanings, most people can agree that General and then President Eisenhower was a HERO to many.


Leonard and I do like to visit wildlife refuges.    When we found there was one in the area, we drove on over to Sadler, TX.   Hagerman NWF was declared a wildlife refuge in 1946.   It consists of 3,000 acres of marsh and 8,000 acres of upland and farm property.

The road we chose to enter could at times be impassable.

The refuge is home to many migratory waterfowl and those that winter over in this area.   We saw many species of waterfowl and even a flock of pelicans.

I don't know my birds real well but I am fairly certain this guy in NOT a Plover.

Notable is that many oil drilling rigs and pumping stations are throughout the refuge.  There were signs placed by the drilling company asking visitors  to assist by keeping the area clean.

So today two "H's".  Hagerman and Heroes.

Who do you consider to be a Hero?


Judy and Emma said...

My heroes are the brave men and women voluntarily serving in our nation's Armed Forces. HOO-AH!!

Paul and Marsha Weaver...OCT. 17, 2009 said...

What a wonderful idea for a blog. Heroes! I have so many that it would take this entire page to list them. I do put my parents and grandparents right up there on the top! Thanks for the memories. ~whereseweaver

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great choice for the "H"ero. He was a terrific general and president!

Donna K said...

I can still remember "I Like Ike" campaign buttons!

JOJO said...

Great Post. Thank You for the pictures.

Donna W. said...

I too remember Ike, but also Maimie and he was a great man.
Always admired my dad for all the adversity he had in his life and still kept himself in an admirable way. But as someone else said....so many Heroes come and go in our lives and none of them are hollywood types..just (extra)ordinary people, like you and Len that travel all over helping other people